Vascular Surgeon with MS Confirms Validity of Science and Efficacy of her Combination Therapy

Jun 14, 2013 No Comments by

I am a physician specializing in peripheral vascular surgery. I’m a 61 year-old Brazilian, from Recife in the state of Pernambuco, and I have a diagnosed case of MS. I am happily married for 40 years with a son, a daughter and a granddaughter. I was diagnosed with MS approximately 20 years ago as a […]

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Life-Changing Stem Cell Therapy- When Gratitude Fails

Jun 05, 2013 No Comments by

More than forty patients to date have received the Combination Therapy Protocol for MS that is being practiced at CCSVI Clinic. The treatment is now in its second year of a series of patient clinical case studies using adult autologous stem cells, or cells that come from the patient’s own body. This is a five-year […]

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Successful Stem Cell Therapy for Baby Hannah Confirms Efficacy for CCSVI Clinic’s Combination Therapy

May 08, 2013 No Comments by

by Doug Broeska, PhD May 8, 2013 The youngest-ever recipient of an artificial trachea, coated with cells produced from her own body, made history last week as well as headlines around the world. What is the connection between CCSVI and an artificial trachea implant? It’s substantial—and important to you, if you are suffering from MS. […]

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Liberation Therapy – Four Years On

May 05, 2013 3 Comments by

There is no doubt there has been intense world-wide focus on Dr. Paolo Zamboni’s hypothesis since his study in 2009 suggested “clinical improvement” in MS patients with narrowing of the cervical veins, otherwise known as CCSVI. The hope of the neck vein-widening “liberation therapy” was that full drainage of the central nervous system would be […]

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Stephen Lovatt – My Personal Journey To Health

Apr 03, 2013 No Comments by

My name is Stephen Lovatt. I am a 49 year old MS patient who, after 12 years of diagnosis, progressed (I believe) from a relapsing/remitting type of MS to the secondary progressive phase of the disease in 2010. Desperate for relief, or at least a disruption of my rapidly advancing disease, I twice had the […]

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Big Trouble Still Ahead for Therapeutic Stem Cell Research in the US

Jan 28, 2013 No Comments

By Doug Broeska, PhD On July 23, 2012, the US District Court in Washington, DC affirmed the right of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate therapies involving a patient’s own processed stem cells, otherwise known as autologous cells. The case hinged on whether the court agreed with the FDA that such stem cells […]

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Early Results Reveal 16 MS Patients Demonstrate Significant Functional Improvement Overall between March and November 2012

Jan 07, 2013 No Comments

Background… A significant world-wide population of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients have a chronic progressive neurological disease that is characterized by increasing disabilities. No treatments are currently available that slow, halt, or reverse the advancement of the disease in established cases of MS. The frustration in a growing number of patients and their readiness to pursue […]

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